Thursday, 24 July 2014

Duelling gamers: Glade guard finished.

Well it has taken some time, but I have finished my remaining glade guard from June, so with less than two weeks to go, work will start on my July targets.

Sadly the pictures really do not do them justice, as my little guy has decided to hide my camera, so these are from my phone camera, will update them when I get a chance.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.
2 Giant Eagles

Still to paint 
1 Spellsinger on foot

Painting in Progress

Completed this Month
19 Glade Guard
Front view of 10 Glade guard with Muso

Side View of 10 glade guard.

I will update with more pictures once I find my camera, as the rest were blurry as sin.

Completed in past Months
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
1 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin


  1. Doing better this month than me, well done.

  2. I have caught up at least, which makes me happy so happy, I have a reasonable chance of completing July on time.