Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Time to lay down the Guantlet: Cancon Grudge match

Ferastella lady of the Ashenhalls  sat in contemplation of the weave , it was constantly in flux with the visions and patterns changing at a rapid pace, the only discernible image that she could identify was the death of a Treeman ally at the hands of a Bretonnian Lord with a glowing sword, this must be avenged she thought.

She summoned her herald and bade him to summon her glade guard, the Bretons would feel her wraith at a tiny hamlet that her people once called  Can'ber-ra.

Hi All ,

This is basically the fluff for a grudge match challenge against Josh Crouch my oponnent in Game four of Axemaster, which i hope will agree to a rematch at Cancon game 1.

I expect that he will accept the challenge as he is a top bloke, and i can think of no better way to start an event then with a sure fire fun game.


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