Saturday, 5 April 2014

Superglued fingers, Spotty undercoating and Dried Paintpots: The joys of the hobby

The joys of the hobby.

I have to admit that I have missed the feel of my fingers super glued together of my undercoat spot can sending out spots of paint instead of a spray and finally of opening pots of paint and finding them dried up, and then cursing my what if thoughts that could maybe have saved them from their fate.It is sometimes the highs and lows of the hobby that defines it, all hobbies have them I suppose that is what makes the hobby enjoyable and that is the reason most people if not all people have a hobby of some description.

Anyway  enough rambling onto the duel update, so far in a flurry of some activity the following has occurred.

Duelling Update
Assembled. 100%
Drycha- assembled undercoated black

12 Dryads- assembled undercoated black

3 Treekin- assembled undercoated black

Group picture of the first contingent of the Wood elves, wait where are the elves

Spotty undercoat at its best and worst.

Painted. 0%
Completed 0%

So as it stands I am on track with my goals so far for the first week, I am looking forward to the painting that is about to commence next week,I did have plans of starting this weekend, but the spotty undercoat and dried paint pots have left me paint shy, better to finish the day on a win, and start fresh on Monday.

That is all from me for now,
Cheers Lupus


  1. Spotty spray often results from cold paint - something I learned from hanging out on car modeling forums. Stick the can in a bowl of hot water (from the hot tap, not the kettle!) for about five minutes before spraying. It warms it nicely, and flows better.

    1. Cheers Pud, i will try that before i try to use the can again, luckily i had two cans so the other worked well.