Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wood Elves: Treekin test completed the beauty of wood.

Well it is Easter Thursday and Happy Easter to all, and to be honest I do not expect to get much painting done this long weekend, except for the kitchen of course, but to be honest I have had a fairly slack week just gone, I have not painted all that much and the majority of my free time I have frittered away.

Anyway what I have been able to do was complete a further two dryads, with four more just needing the leaves and vines to be completed, whilst also working on my Treekin test model which i am happy with the final result.
The pictures are not the best I know , but I am slowly learning how to use my camera properly.


The pictures doesn't really show it off well , but my Spites for the army are all going to be purple, which should contrast well with the yellows and browns.

Dryads Complete

Dryads just the leaves to do,

Duelling Update
Drycha- assembled undercoated black
12 Dryads- assembled undercoated black
3 Treekin- assembled undercoated black

Still to paint 
2 Treekin
5 Dryads

Painting in Progress
4 Dryads - vines and leaves to go.

Completed 25%
3 Dryads - except the eyes.
1 Treekin- except the eyes

This brings my tally to the following, with only Drycha, 2 treekin and 5 dryads to start and a further 4 dryads to finish, this target is not out of reach, and I should be able to finish them on time to start my next months targets.

Cheers Lupus


  1. Coming along really well, I do like autumn schemes. The tree kin are now worth having in a wood elf army due to the stomp and monstrous troops ability to form ranks of only three models so this should stomp over the emery quite nicely. Regards Chris

    1. To be honest I was not sure about the Treekin, but the color scheme has worked out, it is just a shame i need to improve my camera skills.