Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Third completed Army

The title states it all this is about my third completed army.
A while ago I wrote a post about starting a third army for Warhammer that had artillery, that post can be found  Rambling along, Anyway I was informed yesterday that my wife has taken it upon herself to choose said army, and for a fathers day present, I will have a box set of my new army that I must collect, paint and play with the goal of around 3000 points and importantly I must complete this army, as I guess like most other gamer's I have started, but lost interest and not completed many armies over the years.

Stay tuned on Sunday I and then you all will find out what it is .



  1. Your wife will give you the beginnings of a new army? Oh how you are blessed with That Most Understanding of Companions. But what is the catch? Cruise around the Mediterranean (my choice), Paint the house (boo hiss), or you must get rid of, sell, melt or burn 1 army that is sitting on the shelf incomplete. (boo boo hiss)

  2. Chris I will be honest, my wife is the one in a million, three years into our relationship she made me a wooden gaming table with lathed wooden legs at the right height for playing at, a 6 x 4 mdf table insert that can be flipped to suit Warhammer or Empires in Harm.
    The only catch to this is that i have to collect paint and play with this new third army, i do hope it is not Chaos dwarfs( adore the army, but is now out of my price range),

  3. SHMBO in my house is also rather unique, she is rather forgiving to a point, happily smiles when I bring before her the latest miniature masterpiece and when we first hooked up, painted a DBA 15mm Ancient Briton army for me. No table with lathed legs this time but she did rebuild our kitchen!!!

  4. Chris that is awesome, looks like we both got lucky.