Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Adding some punch with Land style.

Hello all,

After all the work over the last couple of weeks getting my marines ready to paint. I decided my army could do with some punch. This was actually fairly easy to decide, whilst putting together my marines, I found a kit that I forgot that I had.

Enter the Landraider.
It is missing some parts, probably used for other projects, notably the engine panel and front ramp. The engine panel is not a major deal as the doors will be closed, but I will need to make a custom door for the front, and I will be giving my green stuff skills a shot with this  and see what happens.

Missing the Internal engine panel, and the front assault ramp pictured..

The above photo is from James Wappel's awesome blog Here, a talented painter, and one that I actively follow, I highly recommend that if you haven't yet, check out his Blog, you will not be sorry that you did.

So after that plug, here is the current state of my Land Raider.
Side panels assembled

Sections cleaned and ready for assembly.
I have all the components to make all three variants and at this stage i will not be gluing them in, I am awaiting an order of magnets, so that I can do all three.


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