Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cancon Day 1. Game 1. The flower of Bretonnia.

Hello all,

Well Warhammer Fantasy at Cancon has been run and won a week ago, not by myself you understand but by someone else much more talented.

Going into Cancon, I set myself the following goals for the warhammer fantasy tournament.
  • Have an absolute ball.
  • Win two games.
  • Finish with 80 battle points.
  • Have fun, it is so important that i needed to mention it twice.
  • meet Zephy and Hooch online mates from Wowcrack
  • Avoid last place if i could help it.
Rather then repeat myself and because I am super lazy my army list can be found here.
Before the event started i issued a Grudge to Mr Josh Crouch which he accepted.

So onto the first game.

Game 1- Josh Crouch and his Bretonnia army.
The Mission was Dawn Attack
Josh looking happy and fresh on day one, game one.

I played Josh and his Bretonnian at Axemaster in 2014 and decided the best way to start 2015 was with a rematch, in our previous game I lost 13-7 against his Bretons, and i was hoping to even the score.

Josh fielded this army. comp score of 15.4

Lord, General, 
Questing Vow, Warhorse, Shield, 
Sword of Swift Slaying, Gromril Great Helm, Virtue of Heroism, Potion of Foolhardiness

Prophetess of the Lady, 

Level 4 Heavens, Warhorse, Dispel Scroll

Paladin, BSB, 

Barded Warhorse, Questing Vow, 
Shrieking Blade, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone


Barded Warhorse, Questing Vow, Shield, 
Birth-Sword of Carcassonne, Dragonhelm, Luckstone

9 Knights of the Realm, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, War Banner.

6 Knights of the Realm, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer.

9 Knights Errant, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Errantry Banner. 

12 Questing Knights, Champion, Mucision, Standard Bearer, Lichebone Pennant.

3 Pegasus Knights, Champion, Musician.

5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician. 

5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician. 

10 Peasant Bowmen, Defensive Stakes.

Field Trebuchet

Field Trebuchet

Josh spells- did not record.( i think comet, chain lightning and harmonic convergence)
My spells
Life weaver- Flesh to stone, throne of vines, dwellers below and Awakening of the wood
Beastsinger- Wild form and fireball
Branch wraith- Earthblood

Deployment at the start of game, my wood elves ready for battle.
The special deployment rules played no real factor in the game, no major disruptions to mine or Josh's plans so moving on to Turn 1.

Turn 1,
Josh prayed and of course i went first, my only real spells were throne of vines and flesh to stone for what i think was a small magic phase.

My wildriders fail a charge and are counter charged by a unit of knights of the realm, so glade i had flesh to stone off on them.
A unit of knights of the realm charge into my wildriders with +2T flesh to stone on them.
Turn 2.
My wild riders break after losing frenzy in turn one and flee from the depleted knights.
Josh charged his bowmen into my other unit of wildriders, which one the combat and allowed them to get into position for a flank charge on his knightly lances.

In my turn i was unable to re-cast flesh to stone on the wildriders and they broke, whilst the other unit went around the combat, via fast cavalry rules.

My glade riders arrive ready to do some damage, behind a lance of errants, questing knights bus and knights of the realm.

A picture from josh's side of the board with my glade guard and wild wood rangers and treeman getting ready to received the charge
Turn 3.
In my turn three my wild riders charge the knights of the realm with the prophetess , i cast flesh to stone once more and am able to defeat them and they flee through the questing bus, which my wild riders make contact with.
My glade riders charge the rear of the errants to tie them up.
Peg knights and my eagles continue to dance.
My wildriders after cleaning up some peasant bowman , move on to tastier units.

The unit of knights of the realm fleeing between the questing knights and errants, both units locked in combat, with 1" between all three units.

Turn 4,
The wild riders break the questing bus, killing the asb paladin, the other paladin and the General and overun into the newly rallied knight and his prophetess.
The knights errant break the glade riders who flee safely.
Errants break glade riders, but the wild riders tear through the other knights.

This is where i ran out of photo's i think we played until turn five or six i forget which, but in the end i was able to clean up his questing knights, which secured me a victory of 19-1. This brings my tally with Josh to one all, and i believe we are both looking forward to the tie breaker, An awesome game as usual against a great bloke.

Result Win
Unit of the Match - Second unit of the wildriders accounted for : Peasant bowmen, questing bus, all characters and a unit of knights of the realm.

So after round one i was sitting on 19 bp and to be honest was scared that i would come up against a top tier player, of which i am not(yet).

Cheers Lupus

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