Wednesday, 4 July 2018

All slow on the painting front.

It has happened yet again.
I find myself trying to find the will to paint my old school Dark Eldar army.

I have been slowly stripping them for the better part of a month, without any real progress due to a lack of interest and available time.
But that is all going to change!
Cancon is but seven months away and this year I am hoping to place in the top ten, which will beat this years result of 15th place overall.

I intend to have a well presented army, including display board and custom objective markers.
To this end I have decided to set the following targets.

Strip, clean and convert the army.

Paint Vehicles

Paint Infantry

Paint Characters

Base army and make objective markers

Make display board.

Fine tune my list and pain any addition units I may need due to FAQ's or meta changes.

So that is the plan as it stands.

I have no doubt that this order will change, as it always does. But now I have a plan and a goal.

Cheers Lupus.

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