Friday, 6 June 2014

Duelling gamers: Glade guard test model complete.

With the first week of June almost over my progress has been what can only be called slow, I have only managed to finish my glade guard test figure to a point that I am happy with how the colours look.
My great plans from last month worked on paper but not in reality, I have found that there is no point rushing into a paint scheme if you are not happy with it, I learnt that hard lesson with my Dawi Zharr, but I am happy with how the test model has turned out so the painting production line can start churning out the other 19, and while that happens I will start working on my elven steed test colour. I will not have time to paint anymore this week as I am off to the mother in laws, for farm and pony shenanigans.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.
6 Glade riders
19 glade guard

Still to paint 
5 Elven Steed

Painting in Progress
1 Elven steed

Completed this Month
Gladeguard color test
Right side

Back, quiver is the color of the bow, but the photo has not really captured it.

Left side , some detail of the bow has been picked up in the picture.

Front view, again not the best picture, but you get the drift.

Completed in past Months
12 Dryad +Dryad Unit filler
3 Treekin

Anyway I have rambled enough catch you all next time.
Cheers Lupus.

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