Thursday, 5 April 2018

Index Dark Eldar List

This is my attempt at an Index list for Dark Eldar.
It is not optimised.
Battalion Detachment for a total of 6 cp at 1993pts.

Archon  Agoniser, Blaster, Warlord
Archon Agoniser, Blaster

1x Kabalite Warrior squad
 8x Kabalite Warriors, 1 with blaster

4 x Kabalite Warrior squad
10x Kabalite Warriors, 1 with blaster 1 with dark lance.

Dedicated Transport
5 x Raiders [6 PL, 115pts]:[/b] Dark Lance

 8x Mandrake, Nightfiend

Fast Attack
2x Grav-Talon
Arena Champion
6x Reaver
Reaver with Blaster

Heavy Support
Ravager Dark Lance, Dark Lance, Dark Lance

Razorwing Jetfighter,  2 Disintegrator Cannons, Splinter Cannon

On Saturday, I will have my copy of the new codex and will see how this basic list has changed.

My Random thoughts are all well and good, but I will be working on this army over the coming months. to improve the list as well as the old 3rd ed models.


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