Monday, 15 June 2015

Brains- Or a WIP of my Vampire Zombies

It has been slow in my hobby world of late, with the 9th edition uncertanity.

But even with that I have managed to go through my collection and find my zombies both new and secondhand and fleshed out(pardon the pun) three units of 30 zombies or 90 zombies. To be honest i doubt i will need more than 90 of those rotters.

So work to date.
One unit taking shape with the green zombies and regiment bases, some zombies still need torso's.

Another two units again some torso work required.
As you can see from the pictures it is early days so far, some zombies are partially assembled and some zombies will need a new paint scheme/ re-basing.

But it is a start.



  1. I get the feelings with 9th. Hmm 90 walking dead, if one or two accounts are correct (hope not) you will need 9 zombies.

  2. I agree Chris i hope not, but i honestly cannot see GW wanting less figures sold, if anything i expect the armies to get bigger and more beasts.