Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Vampire counts , Cause who doesn't like a blood suckers army for Ninth Edition Warhammer

Hi everyone,
Well the decision is made, I will wait no more for Warhammer Ninth edition to be released ,I feel that the Vampire counts will be a safe bet to put my hobby time into, regardless of the rumors of changes to the warhammer fluff, I just can not see GW dropping the Vampire army in some format, so with this assumption in mind i have started the re-image work on my vampire counts 6th edition army, with the intention to turn it into a ninth edition army that will be the best i have created to date.

So how does this rash statement of intent turn itself into the reality of an army that is tournament ready?
The bare truth is to be honest i don't know, what the finished product shall look like, but the first thing i need is a theme.These are what I have thought of to date.

The options i am considering without knowing any Ninth edition fluff is as follows

  • An army of flesh golems- this is barely a concept at the moment.
  • An Army of Zombies in all shapes and sizes- so zombies would be depicted in every unit using different models for corpse cart, varghiests and Crypt horrors etc.
  • An army raised from the defeated remains of the empire province of Solland- so this would be based in 8th edition fluff and could be the remains of the empire raised to serve.
  • Regardless of my overall theme my army will have Necrach Vampire figures, even if they will be called something else in ninth edition.

So that is the idea's i have for the moment, with this in mind, the first step will be getting all my vampire stuff out, and putting away my wood elves and dwarfs and seeing what bits and bobs i have to work with, whilst the round versus square bases rumors continue i will be a man and blue tack any new units to their bases to hedge my bets.

Anyway that is enough out of me.


  1. Defeated Empire force would look cool, just not to gory, or a skellington force.

  2. It may be beyond my skill, but that is how we improve is it not, by pushing the boundaries of our skills.