Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wood Elves: Colors of the Asrai's feather friends.

Hi all, 
Just a quick post to detail how I paint my Owls and Great Eagles.

Currently i have not included any pictures but that will change in time.

Base coat Dheneb Stone
Wash of Nuln oil
Highlight of Dheneb Stone

Basecoat of Charadon Granite
Wash- Nuln oil
Highlight of Charadon Granite

Basecoat of Astronomican Grey
Wash- Nuln oil
Highlight of Astronomican Grey

Base coat- Hormagaunt Purple 

Basecoat of Zandri Dust
Wash- Nuln oil
Highlight of Zandri Dust

Great Eagle
Body and Wing
Base coat- Zandri Dust
Wash 1- Baal Red
Wash 2 - Devlan Mud
Drybrush 1-Calthan Brown
Drybrush 2- Zandri Dust

Second feather row
Base coat- Tau Sept  Ohcre
Wash 1 - Devlan Mud
Drybrush 1-Tau Sept  Ohcre
Drybrush 2-Iyanden Darksun

Final feather row
Base coat- Rakarth Flesh
Wash 1 - Nuln Oil
Drybrush 1-Rakarth Flesh
Drybrush 2-Dheneb Stone

Base coat- Zandri Dust
Wash 1 - Nuln Oil
Wash 2 - Devlan Mud
Highlight 1-Zandri Dust
Highlight 2-Rakarth Flesh
Highlight 3-Dheneb Stone

Base coat Hormagaunt Purple 
Wash of Leviathan Purple
Highlight of Hormagaunt Purple

legs and Claws
Base coat- Zandri Dust
Wash 1 - Nuln Oil
Wash 2 - Devlan Mud
Drybrush 1-Zandri Dust
Drybrush 2-Rakarth Flesh

Cheers Lupus

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