Saturday, 5 July 2014

Duelling gamers : Feeling a little rare but hang onto your mangle wurzels month four is here.

Welcome back to another installment of Wood elves whimsy, well as we enter the forth month of the Duel, I find that I am behind in my painting with still needing to complete 19 Glade Guard from June it is a shame but that is life for you, this will put the pressure on now with only another two months to go after this one my plan for July is thus.

With my $100 retail plus the $20.25 savings from last month this gives a budget of  $120.25 for July, I used this to purchased the following
  1. 2 Game zone Great Eagles  for $0.00 traded from Wargamerau for some Lizardmen I was not using, saving $88.00 of real money but counting as 88.00 towards the challenge.
  2. Spellsinger on foot for $0.00 traded from Wargamerau for again some Lizardmen I was not using, saving $22.00 of real money but counting as 22.00 towards the challenge.
So $10.25 left for August.

So after four months of purchases for the Wood elves my spending looks like this.
Actual money Spent $ 147.62
Actual money Saved $ 342.13
Games workshop retail equivalent $489.75

Including finishing the leftovers from June, this makes for an intensive month of painting with 5 days already gone, only time will tell  if I can catch up and get my painting back on track of course only having three figures in July does help, but what figures they are.
With that in mind July looks like this.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.
1 Spellsinger on foot
2 Giant Eagles

Still to paint 
As above

Painting in Progress
19 Glade Guard , no pictures of the WIP after the wow factor.

Completed this Month

Completed in past Months
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
1 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin


  1. The way we are not spending money with GW is rather interesting swaps, other ranges, other manufacturers makes me wonder how GW will survive in the long term. I really want to see the eagles painted as I quite like game zone minis.

  2. I agree with you Chris that the canny collector / gamer has other avenues to use outside of GW retail, i honestly cannot remember the last time i purchased from a GW store or thier website.

    As for the eagles, I started looking at them last night and they are just magic , they will need some green stuff work, but all the big metal models do to some extent, the hard part for me will be the basing of them, i want the bases to look good , but not to detract from the eagles themselves. Still i am working on a conversion of the Spell singer as well, as that pose is just not me.