Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wood elves the Asrai of Athel Loren

The Wood Elves were my first warhammer army, I remember collecting and playing them when i was sixteen, which I am surprised to write was over 20 years ago.

Back then everything GW did was almost always made in lead and my Skarlocs raiders were no different, back then I never painted anything, or even undercoated them, it was all about the battles with my mates.

If I am truthful, I have collected many armies, but i have only ever painted two, the Chaos Dwarfs of  Clan Sarbranakh and Necrarch Vampire counts of W'Sorchai the enslaver, and both of those were so i could attend tournaments.

Recently my wife and I have had a little addition to our family and my boy has taken up a lot of my free time, what with being so adorable.

But I feel the need to get back into my hobby, and the call of Athel Loren is strongest, so my wood elves are going to be making a come back. Sadly I do not have all but a few of my original wood elves as I sold them years ago.

Currently none of my gaming buddies are into warhammer , they are playing World In Flames, so it was with interest that I read about dueling paintbrushes over on the Hoodlingshole and Terrain for Hippos. When I read about the Dueling gamer's and the goals of it i was super happy to put my hand up and use that as an incentive to collect and paint my new wood elves.

Well I believe that is enough rambling.

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