Monday, 1 January 2018

25 Days until Cancon, better start painting.

Well Cancon is in twenty five days, I am getting super excited for it and I cannot wait until I am rolling some dice.

Twenty five has the feel of plenty of time to get everything completed for this event, and in truth it is with the following exceptions. I have a family holiday with my wife and son for a week, and the day of travel prior to the event, as I am a Victorian and I will need a day of travel.

Factor these into the equation and I have a total of 19 days to complete my army. And by days I mean evenings. And this equates into 76 hours. Whoops I have 76 hours of hobby until Cancon. Time to stop typing and start painting.

So which Army?

Well I will be taking my Eldar Craftworld army of IL-KAITHE to Cancon, that much at least I am certain.


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