Wednesday, 6 May 2015

1000pt Vampires counts

After playing 2400 point games for so long, it felt refreshing to attempt a 1000 point list instead, and with the imposed restrictions on army list design i feel that this is a good start.

Hero's 246pts
Vampire -W'sorchai the enslaver
Lv2 lore of vamps - general
heavy and shield
talisman of endurance

Necromancer - Helmut Jaeger
Lore of vampires

Core 310pts
25 skeleton warriors- full command banner of swiftness
spears -shield

5 dire wolves

5 dire wolves

20 zombies

Special 270pts
2 fell bats

6 Crypt horrors inc haunter

Rare 175pts

List design thoughts

  • At the outset i felt i needed 2 invocation chances to force my oponents to actually think what spells they want to dispel, so this meant two casters were a must, factor in my general needed a ward save and that limited what else i could purchase for W'sorchai.
  • I love skeletons so a block of them, a bunker of zombies for my necro to keep him off the front line and some wolf darts round out my core options.
  • 2 fell bats for warmachine hunting or attempting march blocking
  • The Crypt horrors and Varghulf both add speed and damage potential to my list.
First game is on Friday against Lizards so lets see how the dice favor me or not.



  1. Nice little list, the 6 Crypt Horrors should scare most of the bigger units especially if you can through something nasty into the flank at the same time. I guess at 1000points not much chance for Knights of any sort really is there?

  2. The points does limit what i can use, and i found that with the limited casting levels, this little force will need to be able to be resilient with out magical aid.
    Only time will tell though.