Sunday, 5 June 2016

Zombie unit fillers to make my army pop, and wheez and shamble.

With my renewed interest in gaming and the likelihood of 9th Age being my go to game, I have decided to reinvent what is left of my Warhammer 6th edition  Vampire counts and re-purpose it for use in the Ninth Age.

In an effort to provide some dramatic eye candy for my army, I want to make and add unit fillers for my zombie regiments I am planning on three fillers, and then add these types of fillers to the rest of my army for cohesion and theme.

Ideas at this stage include
  • Tomb stones and weeds, trees stuff, fences and zombies.
  • Make zombies out of vermin swarm, humans and dwarfs.
  • Fighting vermin in my units may add to the overall feel in my army.
  • Fillers with vermin and undead with a fair amount of positional fun.

That is about all for now.



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